New in 2020: Pricing and Packaging, Simplified

Pricing and packaging are key activities every SaaS business needs to decide on and evolve to make money and grow, and they change as your business changes. Adapting pricing and packaging often requires coordination across different parts of a business. For example, someone has to decide what to charge for features, another may decide how features are marketed, and a developer probably implements them in a website and an application. 

Manifold’s Plan Builder makes all of these tasks possible from one location with minimal intervention as you grow and adapt your pricing and packaging; changes happen centrally and populate out to your pages, apps and other reseller channels. Customizable components can be configured with custom calls to action for different pricing plans, such as “contact us” or kicking off a provisioning flow in your billing system. To get started, create a plan and add the web component markup into your page, and adjust the style as you would any other element.

The Plan Builder will be offered free for everyone to use. Request access here to get started. 

Manifold plan builder

<div class="blog-cta"><h3 class="blog-cta-headline">Get a demo of the plan builder</h3><a class="button button-brand" href="/build"><div class="button-text">Request access</div><img src="//" alt="" class="icon"></a></div>Check out the new Manifold Management tools for Catalog Management, Teams, and new Reporting features.

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