Pricing and packaging for developer tools made simple

The easiest way to configure, manage, and distribute your pricing plans from a central platform.

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Manifold can help you over the line.

Build Pricing
Build, test and manage your pricing model with a simple, powerful plan builder.
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Get important data and insight on how your product is performing across plans.
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Plan Builder

Configure plans and pricing within your workflow

Create, test, and manage all your plans from one place.
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Works with Stripe or any other billing system

Simply provide your details, grab an embed code and your pricing page is ready to go.

Test new versions of your pricing and plans with ease

Use rich data and analytics to get actionable insights to efficiently test new pricing.

Build your plans once, distribute wherever you like

Use our customizable Web Components to display your pricing on your marketing site and in your tool.

Built by developers, streamlined for your development workflow

Web Components
Embed pricing Web Components in any application or framework. No heavy lifting required.
Single source of truth
Data is made accessible from our GraphQL API to use in Web Components.
Customizable actions
Control exactly how components interact with your application or service.
Custom Styles
Choose to use our default styling, or customize directly with CSS to match your brand’s style.
More Features incoming

Concentrate on building your tool, we’ll take care of the rest

Analytics and insights that help you grow your product

Learn how users choose plans and adjust your pricing to gain the most traction. Keep a close eye on plan model performance and adjust as you keep learning about usage.
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Distribute your product to new marketplaces and platforms

Easily connect your product with Manifold to reach a new set of platforms for maximum distribution with minimal effort.
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