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How Developer APIs Can Make or Break Your Business

APIs are a fundamental part of modern web application development, and it's a little hard to imagine a world without them. But the decisions that startups make about implementing and managing their APIs can have profound effects on the growth trajectory of their business, both good and bad.

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Podcast: Can you really avoid cloud lock-in?

In the third installment of our KubeCon San Diego series, Manifold co-founder Matt Creager explains his company's marketplace-as-a-service for developer tools and services, then discusses cloud workload portability, the importance of using the right tool for the job, and shares which KubeCon announcement he's found most exciting so far.

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Manifold’s New Sales Strategy

For cloud-computing startup Manifold, a new business model is offering a path to faster growth. Manifold’s online platform gives tech companies the ability to purchase software for their computer programmers, track how much money is being spent on the software and distribute in-house programming tools. Now, the four-year-old business is testing a new sales strategy in which its marketplace will be integrated with project-management services from other companies.


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